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    Take trade on Tudor estate-Canada

    Classic English Tudor estate-view virtual tour @ brenda herrin realty.com then contact to buy. 4 season rec. capital of Canada-(like Napa/Vail/Havasu in 1) -100...

    Housing Swap - Washington DC, DC
    21 Jul

    housing swap DC

    I have a great place in Boston to swap with one in DC, Takoma Park or nearby (on Red Line strongly preferred) for 9 months to 1 year, beginning Sept. 2010. My ...

    Housing Swap - Washington DC, DC - swap in house
    27 Apr

    house to swap

    we have two neighboring properties to exchange inthe northeast section of Washington, DC. each home's worth $ 215K to $ 225K. they're small two story 15' x 60' ...

    Housing Swap - Washington DC, DC
    03 Dec